Let's have a talk!

To be able to assist you we have to be aware about your skills, experience and goals, just as well as about other circumstances effecting your availability for the given job.

Documents you need to present

  • Photo ID (British citizens)
  • Passport proving your eligibility to work in the UK (if you are not a British citizen)
  • Documented NI
  • Two letters addressed to you from the last 3 months (as proof of address)
  • CV (in .doc or .pdf format) with your full work history 
  • References (or reference contacts) from your previous employer(s), covering at least the period of the last 3 years 
  • Certificates of education
  • Driving licence, or any other employability certificate 

The moment of Truth

Following the introduction, we will assess your employability skills with special focus on your numeracy, language and IT knowledge. To this end Prentis is using a special IT infrastructure, which then provides us (and you as well) with a detailed report by topics, revealing your strengths and weaknesses compared to the (country wide and corporate level) benchmarks

Does it sound fearsome? Well, this is the first high value service of our! We help you to have a down to earth look at yourself. It might be encouraging or disillusive, but anyway it is always motivating. Having the results we will tell you what kind of positions are available for you, and suggest you a personal development path. (Depending on the chosen field the test takes 2.5 hours as an average. Please, consider this while making the appointment!)

Dedicated Consultants

After your introductory visit our colleague will become your personal consultant. She/He will compare your skills and our clients' expectations to suggest the best fitting position for you. You will be guided during the administrative process of the application, just as well as during the whole employment period while you'll be contracting through Prentis Solutions Limited. There always be a competent Prentis expert to assist you if you have a question or a special request concerning your payment, hours worked or holidays, as well as your professional promotion. 

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