Empowering Communities – Transforming Neighbourhoods

The Neighbourhood Workers programme provides a unique opportunity for

  • Participants to gain training and practical experience that would enable them to improve or develop community development, housing, and /or regeneration experience; and for
  • Public (housing, health, community safety etc), community and voluntary sector organisations to increase organisational capacity, develop local community capacity, improve community cohesion and build relationships with their local community

The Neighbourhood Workers project provides an integrated programme of formal training, work place experience and action learning to build on skills and experiences volunteers have gained in their communities. We work with public and third sector organisations to recruit community members to the programme. Participants develop community activities within a defined neighbourhood, work towards a CIH level 2 or 3 community action qualification, and are supported into paid employment or further training.

The project combines key learning and support methods: formal learning, practical work based experience, personal development support, employment support and action learning; and provides a clear pathway from volunteering to employment which benefits a range of stakeholders.

  • Participants develop skills and qualifications, increase their employability
  • Sponsoring organisations are better able to connect and consult with users
  • Organisations gain trained and experienced community workers
  • Communities are supported to participate & influence services and decisions
  • Quality of life is enhanced by engagement in community activities, improvements in services and facilities, and the development of skills
  • Volunteering is encouraged and increased

Neighbourhood Roles - The Options

There are a number of neighbourhood worker roles that could be supported by the Neighbourhood Workers Programme.

Neighbourhood Workers – Community Development & Tenant Participation

Candidates will be engaged in tenant participation or community development roles with housing organisations, health organisations, local authorities, resident-led organisations, community and voluntary organisations and regeneration bodies. Participants will follow the Neighbourhood Workers programme set out below.

Neighbourhood Workers – Neighbourhood Management

Candidates will be involved in helping to develop neighbourhood management models, and in particular encouraging and facilitating joint working between statutory, community, voluntary and private sector organisations and involving residents in the delivery of local services.

Neighbourhood Workers – Resident Liaison Officers

Candidates will be employed as Resident Liaison Officers working with building contractors & social landlords engaged in decent homes or physical regeneration programmes.

Neighbourhood Workers – Wardens

Candidates will be engaged in delivering sheltered housing warden services with a strong community involvement and customer care element to their job description. Participants will follow the core Neighbourhood Workers programme set out below. In addition, the landlord / employing organisation will be required to identify and provide any additional local training that would benefit participants in their role.

Neighbourhood Workers – Housing Management

Candidates will be employed in entry-level housing management roles within the organisation. Their job description would include tenant participation and / or community development and involve them in regular contact with residents individually and collectively.




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