"Engaging the Community"

Prentis Social Enterprise proposes a collaborative approach to the procurement of skills and supplies by working with individuals, community-based organisations, registered social landlords and the commercial sector. Turning their visions of improved local service delivery of frontline amenities, complimenting increased employment opportunities and neighbourhood empowerment, through our highly efficient Prentis Social Enterprise portal. Prentis Social Enterprise is run by Prentis Solutions Limited.


All of our projects are directed at encouraging community leadership, and invoking a sense of social responsibility within the community. By collaborating with you, we will oversee the operational details and provide a comprehensive back-office management solution (the skills and infrastructure cemented).

When you get involved with a Prentis Social Enterprise project, your organisation receives the benefits and structure of a well-run project leaving you to focus on your other priorities. We will develop, manage and implement the appropriate governance model to successfully deliver service objectives. 

The most effective Non-profit Organisations (NPO) have an involved governance structure that consists of a board of directors, advisory board, or advisors who continuously provide support to the executive director and work together as a team to advance the organisation’s mission. Prentis Social Enterprise offers individualised support to each project and invests the appropriate resources to build the right governance structure for every stage of the project’s development.

Our aim is to engage in a trading activity that has an obvious direct social impact, whilst managing a trade-off between producing financial return and social impact.

Our services

  1. Initial Research (Feasibility Study)

    • Existing services examined & eligible areas
    • Existing Contracts
    • Existing spending
    • Workshop management
  2. Business Plan and Pricing matrix creation

    • Market Analysis
    • Determining objectives & missions
    • Carrying out initial PEST & SWOT analysis
    • Identifying each communities/organisations need
  3. Contract & Labour Management

    • Issuing tenders
    • Managing the vendor selection and transition process
    • Negotiations & Contract deviations
    • Periodic reviews and assessment
    • Seamless integration of people, processes, and technology
    • Quality assurance
    • Contingency planning
  4. Financial Management

    • Manage all project finance functions
    • Seeking investments where appropriate
    • Monthly cash-flow forecast/Profit and loss forecast
    • Provision of timely and accurate financial information
    • Benchmarking against market performance
  5. Governance

    • Legal and regulatory compliance
    • Asset management Review of all contracts; signatory and assumption of all liability for contracts and leases
  6. Risk Management

    • Liability Management
    • Stakeholders: Employees, Board members, Volunteers, Clients, Donors, Etc.
    • Assets: buildings, facilities, equipment



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